With over 10 years' experience in the web development and web hosting industries, Singularity Studios has an extensive toolset ready to take your business to the next level.

Web App

  • Advanced LAMP web applications
    (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python)
  • Clean, MVC coding standards for the best scalability, readability and maintainability
  • Powerful queue-based automation software,
    such as batch Video and Flash conversion

User Interfaces
& Interaction

  • Standards-compliant HTML5 & CSS3
  • Support every device with Responsive and mobile web interfaces
  • Custom JavaScript solutions (jQuery-centric)
  • Cross-platform and mobile HTML5 video streaming

Backend &
Systems Design

  • Deployment of high-availability traditional and cloud-based hardware and software solutions — We'll help you leverage the power of the cloud, just like Amazon and Netflix!
  • Server & Database management and optimization (including query & index optimization)

Clients & Projects


Designed by Singularity Studios as the ultimate billing and CRM system, Platinum is featured at the core of many of our own projects. Key features include:

  • Cross-website user and content management. Many websites and their users can be managed under one central system, with each user assigned to a specific website for tracking purposes.
  • Payment Gateway abstraction layer, which allows support for many different payment gateways (i.e. PayPal) with minimal code duplication.
  • Comprehensive user, group and role (ACL) management.
  • General-purpose, product-specific bandwidth usage tracking. Can be utilized for premium websites to track files a user has downloaded, or to track any sort of bandwidth usage incurred by a product the user has purchased.

Anifreak Entertainment, Ltd.

We have a long-standing relationship with Anifreak and its subsidiaries such as animePLUS!

The list of solutions we've provided is quite extensive, but here are some examples.

  • In 2012, we launched a queue-based HTML5-ready MP4 video conversion & streaming platform using Amazon EC2 for conversion and S3/CloudFront for content delivery
  • The Anifreak websites employ intelligent caching of commonly-accessed pages to keep things running smoothly, even under high traffic.
  • Anifreak websites offer redundant (mirrored) downloads, with new releases automatically processed and pushed out to the various servers and websites.


DemoWolf's primary business is providing Flash-based tutorials to the Web Hosting industry. DemoWolf's tutorial files are SWF animations, not FLV videos, so manipulation and conversion of the files has proven challenging at times.

We were approached in 2010 to create an SWF "rebranding" utility which manipulates the files to provide customized Flash tutorials to customers within minutes. This queue-based system has revolutionized DemoWolf's order fulfilment; what once took hours now can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

With the lack of support for Flash on many mobile devices, SWF has become less viable as a tutorial format. We, therefore, decided to begin offering all tutorials in MP4 format. In order to start offering MP4 as an alternate format our only option was to capture the animations using an existing GUI utility, controlled with scripted automation using Sikuli.


Singularity Studios was one of the original creators of WHMEZLogin when it was released in 2007.

Designed to make life easier for web hosts and their support teams, WHMEZLogin stored server passwords in encrypted form. Support staff could then access WHM via the utility without needing to know the password for each and every server.

Neado Designs

Singularity Studios provides its web development (HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL) and consulting services on an ongoing basis to clients of Neado Designs.

Contact Information

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